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2 days introduction to freediving


Begin your real journey into the blue

Category: Non classé

Two days of learning freediving specially designed to help you overcome your fears and to allow you to start immersing yourself with confidence and pleasure. But always at your speed, to make this experience a special moment.

Schedule of each day

1h30 On the boat with a guided meditation, then theory on the topics specific to each day. / 1h30 Practice at sea.

Main objectives of the first day:

– Learn to breathe better to better control your mind and therefore your fears.
– Begin to master the compensation: balance the pressure exerted on the ears.
– Wash with water
– Begin to practice letting go.

Main objectives of the second day:

– Master the so-called “Frenzel” compensation
– Better manage the sensations associated with immersion
– Improve with breathing and immersion techniques.
– Continue to practice letting go.

Depth and time are not goals but consequences of breath and mind control.

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