Introductory freediving course half day


Before ordering and in order to check our availability
we invite you to contact us on +33 (0)6 70 63 45 85

It all starts with a meditation, aware of the stress that a first freediving lesson can represent, this meditation aims to start this adventure gently. Then, I will teach you how to better understand your breathing, and therefore better control it. Finally, we’ll talk about ear compensation to ensure that at no point is the experience ever uncomfortable. This “teaching” part takes place on the boat and lasts 1h30.

Then, for 1h30, comes the time for the first steps on the line at sea. A few centimeters at the start, and gradually, at your speed, we will begin to explore your real aquatic abilities.

Main objectives of this first day:

– Learn to breathe better to better control your mind and therefore your fears.
– Begin to master the compensation: balance the pressure exerted on the ears.
– Wash with water
– Begin to practice letting go.

Depth and time are not goals but consequences of breath and mind control.

Private course only / Max. 3 pax per session

Please contact Bastien via WhatsApp or by phone on +33 (0)6 34 27 15 67 for reservations and preparation of your Experience.

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