6 days full program


Before ordering and in order to check our availability
we invite you to contact us on +33 6 34 27 15 67

I designed this 6-day course to allow you to go from 0 freediving experience to being able to dive safely at depths of up to -30m. But the final goal and to allow you to accompany me to explore the seabed at about ten meters in complete freedom, safety and comfort.

But we will always work at your speed, to make this experience a special moment.

Schedule of each day

1h30 On the boat with a guided meditation, then theory on the topics specific to each day. / 1h30 Practice at sea.

Main objectives of the first day:

– Learn to breathe better to better control your mind and therefore your fears.
– Begin to master the compensation: balance the pressure exerted on the ears.
– Wash with water
– Begin to practice letting go.

Main objectives of the second day:

– Master the so-called “Frenzel” compensation
– Better manage the sensations associated with immersion
– Improve with breathing and immersion techniques.
– Continue to practice letting go.

Main objectives of the third day:

– Descend head first
– Manage your descent speed
– Free yourself with the use of long fins
– Continue to practice letting go.

Main objectives of the day four:

– mastered his descent with fins head first
– Manage your speed and remuneration
– Begin to master good training practices.
– Continue to practice letting go.

Main objectives of the fifth day:

– Learn the right safety gestures
– Be able to become a safety diver
– Be aware of the dangers of discipline
– Be able to identify problems in a diver

Main objectives of the sixth day:

– Master your diving at great depths

In case you want to do the full package in once, plan 1 day of rest in the middle of it.

Depth and time are not goals but consequences of breath and mind control.


Private course only / Max. 3 pax per session

Please contact Bastien via WhatsApp or by phone on +33 (0)6 34 27 15 67 for reservations and preparation of your Experience.

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