Millennia of myths and legends have gradually forged, in the collective unconscious, a frightening image of everything that happens below the surface of the sea. Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue) by Luc Besson as well as the media, have contributed to forging an inaccurate image of freediving. By evoking the records or accidents of a few athletes, they have raised it to the rank of an extreme sport inaccessible to ordinary mortals.

After more than six years of teaching freediving, Bastien is sure: this practice is not an elitist sport only reserved to few “supermen”. On the contrary, it is a simple discipline, accessible and beneficial both physically and mentally.

Thus, in 2021 he founded the Bluenery Academy with Guillaume Néry. The concept was as follows: to offer standardized freediving instruction “for everyone”.

It was a year later, in 2022, that he decided to push the concept even further with Experience Méditerranée. Within it, Bastien offers personalized teaching focused on learning breathing and mind control, to make freediving a unique and instructive experience. An introduction to the discipline which makes conscious breathing a central element.

Here, it is not about performance. Exit the pressure of the stopwatch, attained depth or the acquisition of a certain level. Only the experience of the connection between the breath, spirit and water counts.

The adventure takes place on a 1936 Pointu, “Léonie”, and promises an authentic and timeless moment for an introspective and powerful discovery. What a perfect way to share a unique moment – an encounter with the Mediterranean and its rich heritage.